Stl jdeln lstek - Nekuck restaurace

Objevte kouzlo na nekuck restaurace a ochutnejte speciality fkuchae modern tuzemsk i zahranin gastronomie. N stl jdeln lstek je nsledujc:

Number Weight Meal Price
1178 Egg with mayonnaise and ham 48,- K
1010 50g Ham, butter, pickled gherkin 49,- K
1074 50g Ham roll with horse-radish cream 55,- K
1009 150g Tomato filled with mozzarella, olives and basil 75,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
0,2 lt according to the daily offer  
Number Weight Meal Price
9034 Baked toasts with spicy mixture 65,- K
1110 50g Omelette with ham 107,- K
1112 Omelette with mushrooms 97,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
1705 200g Roasted trout (price according to weight) 130,- K
1706 200g Fried trout (price according to weight) 140,- K
1229 10g for each 10g above the standart weight you pay additional 5,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
8001 150g PANKOV pork medallions (pork tenderloin with cranberries, mushrooms, bacon and red wine) 165,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
3651 50g Ceasar salad with chicken, croutons und Parmigiano cheese 135,- K
4416 100g Vegetable salad with fried chicken breast (tomatoes, red pepper, lettuce,corn,mayonnaise dressing 135,- K
8002 150g Chicken medallions with green peppecorns and cream sauce 130,- K
8003 150g Chicken steak with Prosciutto di Parma, mozzarella and olives 150,- K
8004 200g Chicken steak with herb butter 140,- K
8006 150g Steak HARLEY (chicken steak baked with egg, onion and mustard) 125,- K
8007 150g Chicken stir-fry with chanterelles and broccoli 150,- K
1143 150g Hot chicken stir-fry wrapped in potato pancake 135,- K
8009 150g Chicken steak stuffed with asparagus, cheese and ham, fried in pastry 148,- K
4414 150g Chicken steak stuffed with blue cheese and mushrooms 148,- K
1605 150g Breaded fried chicken steak, lemon 105,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
4143 200g Beef steak with fried egg 280,- K
1918 200g Beef pepper steak 270,- K
1919 200g Djulbastija-fillet of beef, Serbian style (fillet slices with garlic) 270,- K
1920 200g Fillet steak Tatra (fillet slices with cream and cranberries) 280,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
8017 150g Pork tenderloin with ham and asparagus 165,- K
8018 150g Pork medallions with cheese sauce 155,- K
4410 150g Pork steak KRAOV (steak with mushrooms and egg, topped with cheese) 135,- K
4325 150g Pork steak ONDR (pork fried in potato pancake) 135,- K
4294 150g Pork skewer with mushrooms 129,- K
4058 150g Pork Urquell (leg of pork, onion, ketchup, chillies, beer) 135,- K
4115 150g Breaded fried steak of pork, lemon 115,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
Number Weight Meal Price
4432 250g Vegetable mixture au gratin Mexican style (broccoli, peas, carrot, French beans, corn) 115,- K
4433 250g Stewed broccoli with butter, blue cheese 115,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
5301 200g Boiled potatoes 25,- K
5304 200g Fried potatoes 29,- K
5306 200g Potatoes with butter 28,- K
5536 200g Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 40,- K
5516 150g Chips 35,- K
5517 150g Potato croquettes 35,- K
5525 150g Fried potatoes in American style (in jacket) 35,- K
5361 150g Potato salad with mayonnaise 35,- K
5521 150g Stewed mixed vegetables 40,- K
5348 50g Tartar sauce 18,- K
5374 50g Pickled gherkin 8,- K
5308 50g Bread 5,- K
5352 1 ks 1 piece of Roll 5,- K
5519 1 ks 1 pice of Toast 8,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
5207 150g Cucumber salad 40,- K
5210 150g Tomato salad 40,- K
4329 200g Italian salad (with cheese) 60,- K
5441 200g Mixed salad 45,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
1033 100g Edam cheese. butter 64,- K
1189 100g Blue cheese, butter 75,- K
Number Weight Meal Price
4533 Pancakes Tropico with whipped cream 55,- K
4723 Pancakes with fruit, whipped cream and ice cream 79,- K
4639 50g Chocolate Sacher cake with whipped cream 47,- K
5102 30g Pineapple with whipped cream 55,- K
5132 Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries 75,- K
4718 Ice cream sundae with mixed fruit, chocolate, whipped cream and wafer 75,- K


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